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Making your mortgage work for you

I’ve been in the financial sector for more than two decades. I’ve been a banker, a stock trader, and a financial advisor. In each role, my passion has always been to help my clients grow their wealth.

As a mortgage broker, that’s still my goal.

Working for you, not the bank

When I left the bank to become a mortgage broker, it freed me to focus on what’s most important – your success in generating wealth.

As a banker, I was bound by quotas and directives from above. Every meeting I had was guided not by the needs of the client in front of me, but by what my boss wanted to sell and how many units (products) we could push people to get.

Now as an independent mortgage broker, I am free to pursue your financial goals first and foremost.

Creating financial opportunities with mortgages

While some may see mortgages only as a necessity to own a house, I approach it as an investment in your future.

Your mortgage is one of the biggest decisions in your financial life. It will impact your retirement, your savings and how you support your children. So, it should be a central building block of your holistic financial plan.

Using my past experience in the financial sector, I help you define the mortgage that fits best for your life, then work to help you find it.

Whether you’re purchasing your first or second home, a vacation property, or rentals, I’m here for you. Don’t forget, there is also renewing your mortgage term or refinancing to create more and more wealth for you and your family.  Our passion is to find a mortgage that helps you create momentum.

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